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Introducing the most advanced, most efficient, most capable heating and air-conditioning system ever created. It’s a triumph of Lennox innovation, comprised of the most advanced technology we’ve ever assembled into one system. Led by the brilliant iComfort© S30 smart thermostat, the system includes:

  • The precision and efficiency of the XC25/XP25 air conditioner or heat pump
  • The continuous warmth and quiet, comfortable airflow of the SLP98V furnace or the cool, blissful comfort of the CBX40UHV air handler+
  • The consistent, even temperatures of iHarmony© zoning
  • The pure, fresh air that comes from the three-way cleaning of PureAir™ whole-home filtration

It’s the system against which every other will be measured.

One that redefines precision, consistency and comfort.

It’s quite a story.

Because it’s quite a system.

Lennox Home Comfort System by Temple Heat and Air